"Each person holds so much power within themselves.

Sometimes they just need a little nudge; direction and support."


Pete Carroll

"PWG SPORTS:  We share our vision through a vast digital platform that includes social media, sports marketing, and PWG sponsored camps.
We  reach a diverse audience that looks to improve the lives of our youth and building a better future for all. We build a foundation based on health improvement, strong communication, skill building, athletic achievement and career preparation. This allows our communities to reach a new pinnacle of success.

Below are just some of the services that we offer. Click on the item(s) of interest.




At our youth camps we focus on player development , individual skill enhancement and sportsmanship. Our coaching staff has coaching and training experience working with players of all levels, NBA, NCAA, and High School.



Our annual clinics are designed to not only be informative but rewarding. We hold clinics for parents of the student athletes, coaches looking to improve their craft and for the player looking to better their game. 



The William Wells  Annual Holiday Tournament (Pictured above) as well as other events are treated like the Super Bowl. We go all out to ensure that our clients are beyond happy and the attendees had a wonderful experience.



Our training programs highlight the individuals' strengths and weakness and optimize the sessions accordingly. We use state of the art equipment as well as tried and true techniques to maximize the players potential.