"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."


Muhammad Ali

"The PWG Non-Profit vision is to support youths journey as they unlock their full potential.  This comes to life through individual and academic growth, career and entrepreneur development, and health and family support.  We aim to build a strong foundation of support for resilient youths and their communities as they face the ongoing challenges of growing to become successful men and women.
Our faith based approach allows us to build deep and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

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Apart of the PWG Non-Profit programming offered is mentoring and advising student athletes thru obstacles and challenges they face, both academically, and personally as it’s the thread that connects the vision and all directions and decisions made by PWG Non-Profit.


Included in the PWG Non-Profit programming is partnership collaborations with other likeminded organizations with the same vision and objectives supporting youth needs as well as overall community assistance we can provide.

PWG Non-Profit collaboration with Under Armour for charitable clothing donation to the Ruth M. Kirk Recreation and Learning Center in West Baltimore, Maryland.  PWG Non-Profit assisted bringing Under Armour and the learning center together to make this great donation happen 




Due to the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and nation wide lockdowns of most businesses, schools and athletic events, the PWG Non-Profit wanted to assist Baltimore City youth at the middle school and high school level. We helped them participate in various sports programs with the opportunity to continue their educational and sports goals by attending their desired high school or college of their choice.


Because of the strict lockdowns with various schools and athletic programs suspensions restricting in person contact, the youth didn’t have the opportunity to continue their sports development with consistent training, workouts and official games to showcase their skills to various high school and college coaches.


To provide aide to these student athletes, PWG Non-Profit sponsored and teamed up with two programs to provide the youth opportunities (via live-stream and video highlights) for coaches to continue active evaluation and talent review. 


PWG Non-Profit Sponsored Black Cager Middle School Showcase – Aug. 2020


We followed all required COVID-19 safety protocols in a one day event with 60 middle school athletes participating in a showcase that included 50 invited coaches, alongside real time live stream coverage open to all coaches and families who could not be in attendance. Six teams of ten players participated in two games each with an All Star game at the end with selected athletes from the previous games.

Live Stream Partnership with “The Hoop Haven” Sports Network 

Black Panther High School Basketball League

•  Fall League – Aug. to Nov. 2020

• Winter League – Dec. 2020 to Feb. 2021

Adhering to all required COVID-19 safety protocols, we played six to eight games both on Saturdays and Sundays. There was live streaming of real time games to various high and college coaches as well as any interested parents/fans. With coaches and fans not allowed to be in attendance for these games in both leagues, it provided the high school youth the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities for coaches to continue to evaluate and watch the talent in live game action