The PAC West Group

Why Not Us

The PAC West Group is a diverse collection of products and services created from great teamwork. Through transparent collaboration, The PAC West Group is committed to repeatedly providing excellent consumer experiences built on the foundation of our core values - Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Commitment, Dignity, and Honest Dealings.

PWG News:

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"We Are What We Repeatedly Do."

"Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

What's New at PWG

1st Annual PWG Charity Golf Outing

Our Mission

Growth by Diversity, Strength, and Trust through Relationships 

The PAC West Group was built on the principles and standards of building up communities through unique opportunities and services. Providing platforms to further educate and inspire the next generation in the pursuit of building relationships.  

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PWG Non-Profit

The PWG Non-Profit vision is to build a strong foundation of support for resilient communities. We focus on providing adequate support to the youth in terms of their personal (clothing, etc) and educational needs (financial, supplies, etc). This will entitle them to better opportunities so they can focus on education and garnering a positive sense of self-worth and self-determination.

PWG Music

The PWG Music vison/goal is not only developing artists and music, but to create and develop long term, mutually rewarding relationships. Using our unlimited industry resources that are proven and well versed in music production, promotion, distribution and artist development, we offer our clients guidance, support and direction so they can put all of their focus and attention into their music.

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PWG Digital / Visual Communications

PWG DV contains high quality projects in the digital and visual communication marketing fields.
The various communications projects showcases our high standards and commitment to our clients. The success of our campaigns are gauged by the positive impact our clients feel when reaching their intended goals.

PWG Sports

PWG SPORTS:  We share our vision through a vast digital platform that includes social media, sports marketing, and PWG sponsored camps. We  reach a diverse audience that looks to improve the lives of our youth and build a better future for all. We build a foundation based on health improvement, strong communication, skill building, athletic achievement and career preparation. This allows our communities to reach a new pinnacle of success.

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PWG Marketing / Events & Entertainment

The PWG MEE strategy allows our clients to interact with their various audiences through impeccable marketing design, and production of everlasting events.  By implementing fresh and creative approaches to engage consumers and brands with an integration of social, digital and visual marketing techniques, we understand that all clients’ events are investments.

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Business Consulting

The PWG-BC goal is to support and guide all forms of business through the process of strategic startup and change. Our role is to act as a trusted advisor, providing objective results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.